View From My Deckchair

This past weekend we’ve had consistently beautiful weather for the whole weekend. I already got the balcony into shape a few weeks ago, started planting window boxes, and put the seedlings outside for them to get some sun.

Yesterday I finally planted the last of the flowers into my pink window box, had to get rid of some of the herb plants I’d bought at the market because they had lice, and I didn’t want them to spread onto my home-grown herbs. I finally put the chilli seedlings I got from my mother outside – it looks like a little chilli farm now.

I’ve also experimented with my friend’s 50 mm 1.8 lens, used it to do some shots on the balcony, and I have to say I quite like the results. So I’m seriously thinking of getting one of those this year.

Until then, I hope my seedlings will go on as they started out, growing fast and strong. I’m also trying not to be too worried about my vacation in June – my sister is already afraid of killing my plants either by over- or underwatering them… Let’s hope for the best.


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