2014 May In Pictures

What can I say – as did the months before, May came and went so quickly. Weather-wise we had the whole spectrum covered, everything from beautiful days, hot days, rainy days, storm and hail. Today the month ended on a high, though, with fantastic weather and a visit to the botanical gardens, where hopefully I gathered enough photographic material for future Friday Flowers posts.

Photography-wise May was the most interesting month for me so far this year, even though my month in pics seems to be full – again – of mundane things. I really had fun, though, especially trying out my friend’s 50 mm lens.

I also went on a business trip to Munich, declined participating in a gala dinner and opted to take the tram into the city instead. The plan was to get off the tram at every station, go out and take some pictures, then hop on the next train. This could have made for an interesting outing because I had absolutely no idea what would await me once I got above ground. However, after only four stations I realised it was rush hour, it was hot, I couldn’t be bothered.

So I got back on the tram and went to the city center to do some shopping. The funny thing is, when I walk around my home town with my camera, I feel weird. When I do the same thing in a different city, I don’t mind at all. I wonder why that is. Does anyone feel the same?

How was May for you?

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8 thoughts on “2014 May In Pictures

  1. Great photo set 🙂 I’m exactly the same in other cities and I think it’s because I’m completely anonymous there! I’m much more reserved with my camera in my home city! And aren’t 50mm lenses great! 🙂

    • Thank you very much re: photos, Helen!
      So I guess many more people feel the way I do then about running around with a camera in your own city.

      And YES about the 50mm lenses. I never actually thought I needed one until I saw your post with your wish list items! Sent your lens link to my “photo consultant” who agreed it’s a must have item 🙂 BTW, I also liked the camera straps you linked to, will definitely get one of those, but they have so many nice ones it’s diffult to make a quick choice.

  2. Nice photos! I feel the same way as you…I was taking photos of trees out in our orchard the other day and was wondering what the neighbors must be thinking as they drove by. When I’m on a trip, I have no problem. 😀

    • Thank you, Karen! I feel weird already in the city center among hundreds of people, and I would never even attempt to take pictures around the apartment block where I live 😀

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