Say Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

Italian CheeseboardThe week I bought my 50 mm lens coincided with a free online photography class at It was a 3 day class called Story on a plate: Food Photography and Styling with Todd Porter & Diane Cu.

Due to this class being broadcast live from Seattle, I couldn’t catch all of it because it started at 9 am local time, which is 6 pm my time, and on day 3 I had guests so couldn’t watch at all.

However, I did manage to watch quite a bit, and it was really interesting. One of the lessons was about setting moods for your food shots, and they showed darker mood examples. Which is what I tried to recreate here, using both my new lens and my new-found knowledge from the class. It’s my very first try, so I try not to be too critical 🙂 The grapes should be a little lighter and more defined but overall this is almost exactly what I had intended.


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