Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

I was going “HA!” when I saw this week’s WPC Extra, Extra with the challenge to share a photo with a little something extra in it that’s unexpected.

A certain picture immediately sprang to mind that I had been wanting to post, waiting for an occasion, but then dismissed it because of the quality of the picture.

I took it last month, the location was Munich’s train station. I came up the escalator and saw an Accessorize shop to my left. That’s nothing special, but what drew my eye was the colour orange.

Curses were flying through my head because I’d packed my camera up in my suitcase. So I had to resort to my phone, which is why the image isn’t of good quality. It still makes me smile, though, to see a group of Buddhist monks standing in front of Accessorize as if waiting for some fellow monks who had gone in to stock up on accessories.

Click here to see what unexpected extras other participants have encountered.

Weekly Photo Challenge - Extra


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

  1. LOL! Don’t you love that when you don’t have your camera you can still capture a shot?!
    This is a story that didn’t really need powerful equipment, it speaks for itself! Great extra!

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