America In 50 Pictures Pt. I

Hello everyone, I’m back from my vacation, and it was one of the best I’ve ever had. I traveled with a friend who lives in Dubai, we met at Heathrow Airport and from there took a flight to Boston together.

We stayed with friends of my friend, who were very lovely and generous people, and through them I met more people who were all incredibly warm and welcoming – which I’d just like to mention is not a given thing if you’re German, especially traveling in Europe. It’s also amazing that every other person we met – be it in a shop, B&B, or restaurant – told us they themselves have been to Germany many times or have a family member stationed there.

I’ve always wanted to visit New England, and this trip will stay in my memory, not least of all because of the people I met there.

Just before my trip I read some tips about photo projects and project planning at Helen Ogborn Photography. I felt very inspired by Helen’s posts and was excited to make a project out of my holiday pics. As for the actual implementation, I can only say I tried, and I have so much to learn…

I had a clear vision of my project, what I would take pictures of, how I would organise my pictures into posts, and it all seemed very logical and easy. But the moment I started sorting my pictures into folders, disappointment hit.

My project was supposed to be 50 (as in 50 states) pictures of America. Things I felt were typically American to me personally. I think I did capture quite a few of those, but the majority of pictures are just of the same type that I usually take here at home – little mundane bits and pieces of everyday life. Looking at them, you wouldn’t necessarily see they were taken in or associate them with America.

So I decided to simply post my 50 favourite pictures. No one might know why I took them or what they meant to me at the time I took them, but they are pictures I feel content with.

Here’s to hoping I’ll do better with my next project…

Click any one pic below to open the gallery



4 thoughts on “America In 50 Pictures Pt. I

  1. I think you did a fine job of capturing a “look” of America! I had to smile at the snippets I recognize from Boston and the fast food photos! I’m so glad you had fun and focused on New England–it’s a special area!

    • Thank you very much, Kerry! Yes, I did have a lot of fun, and I guess as I love “the old country” so much I was certain I’d love New England as well. I’m currently putting together a Boston post, so you’ll get more snippets 🙂

      And you know what – this is embarrassing because I’ve been to your blog quite a bit – I had you filed away in my head as British, but after your Boston comment went back to your blog to check and… duh… American, haha. So sorry!

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