Day Tripping In Boston

Spending two days in Boston was among my favourite things to do during my vacation. The first time we went by car and walked through the city. It was so blasting hot that day I got sunburn – don’t laugh! – on my center parting… Which was why I resorted to buying that Red Sox cap you saw here in an earlier post.

The second time we went into Boston by train, which was quite a nice experience. A man at a store told us he comes over to Germany regularly, and he loves going on the ICE train because it is so much nicer than any trains in the US. I countered that US trains had air conditioning that works, and that’s not to be sniffed at in the kind of weather we were having…

That second day we hopped on a trolley instead of walking, so a lot of the pictures you see here were taken out of a running trolley. This post is a little bit about Boston’s architecture and a little bit about the bits & pieces I like to snap. I love brick/red brick buildings, and Boston has them in abundance, so I took a lot of pictures. Some of the pictures were doctored in Snapseed for texture.

Click any one pic to open the gallery


4 thoughts on “Day Tripping In Boston

  1. Now we’re talking! I love this city, as you know, and you got great photos of it! Every time I go, I take pictures of the reflections in the Hancock building and of the State House, etc., but I like yours better!

  2. Looks like a great visit. I haven’t been to Boston in years.
    I have to rub sun cream down the part of my very blond, fair skin daughter- especially when we were in FL. Use to happen to me as a kid- it hurts.

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