2014 July In Pictures

Some people are fretting because we’ve passed Midsummer’s Day and the days are already getting shorter; they’re worried summer will be over too quickly. I can’t think like that and try to make the most of summer instead, rain or shine. So far I’ve been enjoying summer, and July was a great month for me, partly because of my vacation and partly because I’m trying to do a few things differently in my life.

What I also want to do differently is photography. You’ve probably noticed that I’ve changed the blog theme to one that shows larger pictures than the old theme. I had chosen the old one for its front page with the calendar/puzzle style but over time found the pictures were displayed too small in the posts.

So while I was testing this new theme and went back to look at posts from last year I felt that I had taken much more pictures then, especially of trivial, mundane things that I so enjoy snapping, and I feel I approached things differently. In retrospect I still like last year’s pictures, so I’ll try to figure out what exactly it was I did differently then. If it weren’t for my holiday pics I wouldn’t have much to show this month, but I guess noticing a change and being willing to change something is a first step.

I hope you’re all enjoying summer as much as I am. How was your July?


5 thoughts on “2014 July In Pictures

    • Thank you, Kerry! You always leave lovely comments, and I find myself smiling and saying (yes, talking to myself!) “Ah, comment from Kerry!” when I see your name pop up in the WP comment notifications, so thank you for that as well!

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