Friday Flowers

Dahlia PB CP

Another dahlia. With this bunch I was fascinated by the different “life stages” in one flower. I focused on the decayed bits below, and I find the combination of soft beautiful petals on top and the already wilted ones on the bottom quite fascinating.

The original colour of this dahlia was a vibrant pink and quite gorgeous, but I decided to try out this Portobello Lightroom5 preset, which turned it into a beautiful pastel.





6 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. Lightroom is unknown to me – may I ask which version you have and how you rate it? the end result is so pretty especially with the contrast of age and beauty p.s. I’ve a small series focusing on ‘past its best’ & Sue Judd has a Beauty in Decay . Interested in doing something like this too?

    • Hi Laura, I’m using LR5, which I only bought at the end of last year, so I am by no means an expert. I always said I only want to do minor editing (contrast, sharpness, exposure correction), and that’s still what I do with most of my pictures. Lately I’ve started trying different things in editing, like overexposure, but on the premise that I do this for fun and not pretend this is the way things looked through my viewfinder.
      I’ve come to love Lightroom but am sometimes using the very simple and free online tool picmonkey on top of it to enhance a picture for brightness. I guess I haven’t figured out exactly how to get this look in LR.
      I like that you can create your own presets in LR, e.g. I have created presets that include lens correction, shadow, clarity & sharpness. So I just have to click one button and then see if anything more needs to be corrected, like exposure. It saves a lot of time.
      The preset I’ve used on this picture is one of a set that I bought because I loved the hues in it and couldn’t be bothered to fiddle around to get to exactly these settings.
      As for your past its best and Sue J’s beauty in decay – that’s actually quite a good idea, thank you for that! I often take pictures of those kinds of things but never post them, it’s just fascinating to do… I’ll see what I can come up with and try to collect what I’ve taken so far and add to that for a future series.

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