2014 August In Pictures

What a dreary end to a month that was supposed to be the height of summer. Yesterday August graced us with a rare last beautiful sunny day only to go out on a rainy note today.

As I mentioned here before, I’m still counting on a wonderful Indian summer, I’m sticking to that until the last day of September 🙂 .

Photography-wise, I picked up the camera every day to shoot mundane, around-the-house stuff, just as I had intended. Quite a few food pics this month as well, as I started cooking and experimenting again after almost a month of not being bothered to cook properly.

Despite this rain-soaked month, I immensely enjoyed going out on my balcony to see everything I planted in spring successfully blooming. Even if I couldn’t sit outside as often as I would have liked, it was a sight for sore eyes that made the balcony a relaxing place.

How was August for you?

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2 thoughts on “2014 August In Pictures

  1. What a lovely gallery! These pictures paint a cozy picture of your August. It is a certain type of diary I guess and one can imagine stories around the pictures. This is a really nice idea 🙂

    • Thank you, Tiina! I quite enjoy creating these monthly galleries. And you’re right, it is like a photo diary.
      I have also been known to check back with one of these galleries when discussing something with friends, especially when was it again that we went to this or that place? I check the gallery to confirm where and when I took a certain picture…

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