Tuesday Triptych: Prawns

Prawn Triptych

I could have titled this triptych Trying out new things… I don’t eat seafood but during my New England vacation made it my goal to try lobster, prawn and clams. It didn’t make me go green in the face but it didn’t do much for me either. I thought OK, been there now, done that… and didn’t feel the need to try again.

Then my friends made these above prawns on the BBQ, and I decided to try again. Result: same as before. I still felt a fascination with these things and took a few pictures.

Another new thing I tried is this triptych with one pic in landscape. That wasn’t on purpose, I only discovered I’d taken only three pics, one of which was landscape. So I decided to go with it, and although it looks different, I like it.


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