Photo Album Anyone?

Photo Album

Last month I decided to put together my favourite vacation pictures in a photo book. As I had no experience at all with photo books, I did some research, tried out a few of the ones that got voted best online tools, and then gave up.

Maybe I’m just very picky, but nothing seemed to fulfill my expectations. I was either discontent with having to upload all my photos into cyberspace, the format I wanted didn’t seem available, or  the kind of paper I preferred wasn’t to be had with the size of book I wanted, and so on and so on.

So I decided to print my pictures on my little postcard printer, go to a real shop and buy a photo album and photo tape. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds either, because I had expectations of what the photo album should like, of course.

In the end I made a compromise and chose all black because plain white wasn’t available. Otherwise, though, I’m quite content with it. My postcard printer prints pretty good quality and colour, and the album looks good enough to me to leave out as a coffee table book.

Does anyone still use photo albums? Or am I the only one reverting to something old-fashioned because technology doesn’t meet my expectations?


2 thoughts on “Photo Album Anyone?

  1. I haven’t made an album in 10 years. Kind of sad really. It is a lost art and treasure I think. We rarely take time now to print, never mind place thoughtfully in a book and then sit down with a cup of tea to share. I think it’s great for you to do it.
    You should check out Ikea’s new ad- it’s fantastic-

    cheers, wendy

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