Signs Of Autumn

Until this last weekend I had managed to successfully pretend it won’t be autumn soon. I’d shoved all thoughts of that season into the back of my mind, ignoring it and thus living in summer land in my head.

Then I had to leave the city for a more rural area to pick up my car from the repair shop, and saw all the signs that autumn was upon us. No denying. My surroundings looked absolutely beautiful, the sun was shining, I had my camera with me… and didn’t get out of the car. The Saturday traffic was terrible, so I vowed that if it didn’t rain on Sunday, I’d take the exact same route again and take pictures. It didn’t rain but it was very cloudy, which made me want to kick my own butt for dithering the day before. However, even with the cloudy sky, I got some nice pictures.

I think I fell a little in love with that apple tree. As a “city child” I don’t normally get to see such gorgeous apple trees with deliciously red fruit on them. I would have loved to pick at least one, but I read the other day that fruit farmers are having enormous problems with thieving people who steal from trees and that they’re currently trying to prosecute everyone they catch… so I was too chicken.

Today being the 22nd and the official beginning of autumn, with 12°C as opposed to the 25°C we had on Saturday, there’s no use living in denial of autumn any longer.  Here are some of my weekend pictures.

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2 thoughts on “Signs Of Autumn

  1. I love fall photos–so glad you took these! I’ve been meaning to go to a local orchard and shoot some tree photos, too, and buy some to eat! Those faces on the hay bales are . . . a little creepy, but fun!

    • Thanks, Kerry! And the faces were funny seen from the road but up close they did indeed look a little creepy…
      Hope you’ll make it to your local orchard!

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