2014 September In Pictures

September was partly what I had feared it might be – cold and rainy. However, the days we were graced with warmth and sunshine were beautiful, and personally I enjoyed them so much more because you didn’t know how long the good weather would last.

All in all, a quite uneventful month for myself. I had expected to be out and about to take pictures much more than I actually was; I can’t even blame it on the weather, it was mostly because I felt drained of energy for quite a while so didn’t feel like leaving the couch, let alone the house, too often.

I did quite a lot of food shots in September, but apart from that I suppose I took the most pictures last weekend when I went to visit Stuttgart-Ost with my friend. We went into the city afterwards, which was crowded on that beautiful day. It made me realise why my friend always came back from the city with so many pics, especially people pics, because there was so much going on with street artists occupying the main shopping street. That’s something I never get to see because I mostly go into town early to avoid the crowds, and by the time I’m finished with my shopping at the market, the streets only start to fill up slowly.

How was your September?


6 thoughts on “2014 September In Pictures

  1. very nice scrapbook of images for September – the food pics drew my eye the most, especially the chillies and bowl of plums? Sounds like you had change of season lethargy – hope October puts the spring back into your step!

    • Thank you, Kerry! Yes, it’s incredible that the first bout of autumn weather brought on comfort food cravings; also I liked experimenting with seasonal fruit. The one thing that surprised me were the peas – I had bought some on a whim at the market one day, and the last time I remember shelling peas was during my childhood in my grandmother’s garden. Now I find it’s totally relaxing to sit on the balcony shelling peas for your dinner, focusing completely on the task with no room for thinking too much…

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