2014 October In Pictures

What to say about October? Or maybe I should just start every month’s summary with It went by waaaaay too fast

On a personal level, I took every Friday this month off so I could have four long weekends. I was lucky because the weather turned out to be really nice on all of those weekends, and I enjoyed the return of the Indian summer so much. On those days off I spent time outside, went to our weekly market, and cooked in leisure for my food blogs, which was very pleasant because normally I have to cram it all into the weekend.

On a photography level, I participated in the Worldwide Photo Walk, which was fun; I took quite a lot of pictures during the walk but when it came time to choose the pics for this monthly post I felt I’d been quite uninspired for the rest of the month and had a hard time finding enough for this post (that I felt content with).

Then I almost joined a Drink & Click photography group but was hit by a 24h bug the day they met, so I hope to be able to join them next month. I also tried to get out of my comfort zone and shoot at higher f/stops than 1.8 and 2.8, both in food and object photography. I have more on my to try list for next month.

All in all, it was a very pleasant start to autumn with a gentle slide into the darker season. Heating turned on for the first time, albeit reluctantly. Wearing socks around the house instead of flip flops. Hot water bottle close by, just in case. And finally the justification to cook comfort food. Only 8 weeks until Xmas 😉

What was your October like?

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4 thoughts on “2014 October In Pictures

  1. I love these monthly collages! My October was full of big life-changes…daughter moving abroad, great auntie passing away, saying goodbye to the people I have worked with. And smaller inevitable things like first snow of the year (so much more fun with our puppy), halloween birthday party for my daughter, participating in my first alley cat race …Welcoming hopefully a more calmer November 😀

    • Thanks, Tiina! Oh, and it sounds like your October wasn’t all roses, sorry to hear that…

      I loved your pics of the puppy in the first snow, at least he was having some fun 🙂 And I wish you a calm, pleasant and photographically interesting November!

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