Autumn At The Castle Grounds

On one of my Fridays off in October I drove to Hohenheim University which happens to be housed in the outbuildings of Schloss Hohenheim (Hohenheim castle).

I remember I’d been cooking for my blog early in the morning and kept looking outside, because it was one of those beautiful, sunny autumn days. Yet, I didn’t really feel like going out. In the end, I kicked myself in the butt, and then of course was really glad I went.

I’d been meaning to visit the park at Hohenheim for a while and had never gotten round to it. Once there, everything seemed to be bathed in golden sunlight, it was absolutely beautiful. I didn’t walk through the whole park but liked the parts I saw. They have a huge number of trees from all over the world, everything they have planted is shown on a plan so you can choose where to go and know what you see.

I only stayed for about an hour, and I didn’t take that many pictures. What I clicked has stayed on my disk drive so far, I couldn’t decide whether to use those pics here. When I looked at them today, though, on this grey and rainy day, I felt transported back into the sunshine, so I’d like to share them here with you. Some of the pics were run through SnapSeed to get that aged look.


4 thoughts on “Autumn At The Castle Grounds

    • Thank you so much! I quite like the fence pic, too. Re: SnapSeed – to my knowledge it’s no longer available for pc, only for ipad etc. But it’s a nifty little (free) tool, and I’m glad I got it before they stopped offering it.

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