Fall Harvest

Fall Harvest

I speak British English and would use the word autumn instead of fall. However, fall harvest is to be taken literally here… as in FALLing harvest.

Early October, my friend and I were sitting on her terrace watching her husband drive round the house to the garage. Suddenly there was a crash but another guest and I thought it came from the nearby forest.

My friend was worried and went round the house to find her husband well. However, on their wood stack that’s covered with corrugated plastic sheet was a huge apple branch, apples all over the place, that had broken off. It was so full of apples and heavy it decided to harvest itself…


5 thoughts on “Fall Harvest

  1. Glad to hear no one got hurt 🙂 My english is mostly american due to the year I spent there but I was just recently reminded of the British word of autumn. After giving it some thought I like it a lot more than fall. Autumn makes me think more of the beautiful misty mornings and beautiful colourful foliage, when fall sounds a bit more gloomy and sad. Like the wordplay though 🙂

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