The Run-Up To Christmas

Although I know that Christmas time is a stressful time for many people, I have never felt that way. Yes, I do try to get as much fun things as possible crossed off my list before the holidays, like meeting friends at the Christmas market, and time seems to fly faster than the rest of the year but it has never felt stressful.

This year, however, I am in what we call Freizeitstress in German. Freizeit = leisure time, and Stress I don’t need to translate. So it’s like self-inflicted stress, because you just don’t want to say no to fun things like offers to meet friends, go places etc.

Christmas decorations? Very minimalist this year, as little fuss as possible. Tree? To be bought some time this week. Hopefully there’ll be an acceptable small one left in the lot.

For the last two weeks I’ve had both fun plans as well as appointments after work, and time is getting away from me. I hardly picked up the camera lately, which you might have noticed by the lack of posts.

This week, after some more appointments, I will have to rush to the shops to buy Christmas cards (which I already know will never arrive in time), buy last minute presents, and then I’ve invited friends over for a pre-Xmas Dinner this Saturday. I haven’t even properly thought about a menu yet, which is very unlike me.

The only things I’ve prepared are the guest favours I’ll be putting on everyone’s plates. If you happen to be one of my guests this weekend, please leave this site now! 🙂 I’ve ordered both Christmas presents and guest favours from a lovely spice shop, then stamped plain paper bags with Christmas motifs to package the spices. Printed seasonal tags from this site and assembled my guest favours.

That’s one item ticked off – on to the next 20…



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