Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

WPC - Warmth
I was about to post a different version of this picture on my other blog, just about to click publish when I remembered this week’s photo challenge is Warmth. My brain is in vacation mode apparently, not quite up to speed yet after the quiet days of Christmas.

It started snowing here two days ago, and thick flakes are currently coming down outside my window. Lovely sight, but I haven’t been out in the snow yet. I think we’re not used to proper snow here anymore as the last couple of years have been pretty much snowless.

I tend to walk around the house barefoot throughout the year, but even I have now succumbed to wearing fluffy socks. At night I need to have a hot water bottle on my feet, and I shudder to think that my habits until about a year ago were no hot water bottle and the window tilted open.

This particular hot water bottle is part of a his & hers Christmas gift that I still need to get to the post office in the old year…


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

    • Funnily I can’t wear socks to bed because at some point my feet will get too warm; the hot water bottle can just be kicked away unconsciously in the middle of the night 🙂
      Oh and I can very well imagine that your living fur ball curling up next to you will make you stay warm!

      • Well, I cannot wear socks to bed either and the dog is not allowed in bed 😀 But sofa is the place for the socks and furry companion.

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