2014 December In Pictures

So here’s the last monthly review for 2014. I quite enjoyed doing these and will definitely keep on doing them in 2015. I’ve been using them as a personal reference throughout the year but have to say that in the last quarter of 2014 they served more as a reminder of how unimaginative and uncreative I felt. I’m not complaining, though, because at least I do realise that something’s been lacking – for me personally – in my photography these past months. And once you realise something’s not right, you have the chance to do it differently.

As you will see from the pictures, I didn’t take the camera outside much in December. I guess I took the easy way out and made use of all the Christmas decorations to get my share of pictures. The outside pictures you see below were taken on December 31. I was invited to stay at my friends’ place in the Northern Black Forest, where 30 cm of snow had already come down versus our measly 5 cm here in the city.

We started our New Year’s celebrations by BBQing sausages at noon, drank some mulled wine, then went for a forest walk. The evening was spent with a raclette meal – which if you’ve ever made raclette you’ll know can go on for hours – and many rounds of what is normally a children’s game called “Looping Louie” but was turned into an adults game by adding *ahem*… some alcohol. I have to say this last day of the year was one of the best (not because of the alcohol!).

After quite a few personal fails in 2014, I didn’t make any more new year’s resolutions, but then I read in Kristen’s post that she had the simple goal to live and I decided I’d go with that.

How was your December, and how was 2014 for you?


8 thoughts on “2014 December In Pictures

  1. It looks like a very cosy December full of lovely warm colours 🙂 Our December was chaotic but fun – there’s never enough time to take photos in December I find!

  2. Aw Kiki!!! Thank you so much! I failed miserably last year at my 365, but I am back at it again! And personally, I think your work is fabulous! If you haven’t already, please visit her Dinner for (n)one page! It’s outstanding!!! Can’t wait to catch up!! Here is to a New Year of living! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Thank YOU very much, Kristen! And thanks for plugging my food blog *lol*

      I actually considered doing the 365 again this year but I know what I was like last year doing it – too fixated on the one pic per day and I felt the other photography stuff fell along the wayside… Maybe I’ll do the 52, we’ll see.

      I really do like your “just live” goal – I’ll just have to keep reminding myself of it, though…

      Good luck & all the best for 2015, Kristen!

  3. I like your December photos a lot–after all, for most of us in the Northern hemisphere, our lives are lived indoors at this time of year! I’m interested in the raclette–I’ve never had it and have always wanted to try it!

    • Thank you, Kerry! I guess you’re right about our lives being lived indoors at this time of year – that puts a more positive spin on my neglecting to go outside often enough, too 🙂

      As for the raclette, I don’t own one because it would be just one more bulky household item to store, but I borrow my sister’s every now and then. It’s so versatile as you can really add anything you like to those little pans, as well as grill something on the hotplate on top. What I also love about it is that you fill a pan, put it underneath to heat up, and while it cooks you have time for catching up and good conversation; it almost seems as though the food takes second place. Which, of course it, doesn’t – not with me anyway 😀

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