Weekly Photo Challenge: New

WPC - New

This week’s photo challenge by the Daily Post is “New: Use your photo this week to show us something new-to-you for 2015.

These last couple of years I did quite a few things that were new to me, and I have one of my best friends to thank for that. I like to make statements that I would never do this or that, and she likes to reply with “never say never”. And she’s right, of course, as I had to retract quite a few of my “I would never” statements over time.

What you see in the picture, my newly snow booted feet ankle deep in new snow, that’s quite atypical for me: I admit to being a city girl, and when my above mentioned friend took me on my very first walk through the Black Forest, I decided to wear stylish rubber boots that looked good with my outfit. My friend shook her head and said “Only you… city girl!”

The photo shows me on another Black forest walk, this time in new deep snow on January 1st 2015. I started the new year doing something new wearing new snow boots – I haven’t walked in snow like that since I was a little child, nor have I owned – or even needed – snow boots since. I’m hoping to do more new things this year.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: New

  1. Very nice picture. Clean and crips. As you wear comfortable gear you will find it easier to try new things. Same thing happens to me being a city girl but now living in a rural area. Enjoy! Happy new year

  2. Oh I wish I had the need for snow boots! I feel very envious! We had a sprinkling of snow after Christmas but not enough to warrant new shoes πŸ™‚ Love the shot πŸ™‚

    • Well, no need to feel envious as the snow – at least here in the city – lasted for only two days, it’s been raining for a few days now. Although there might be a little snow left in the Black Forest. I’m hoping for more snow this winter…

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