Unusual Headstone

I don’t know what it’s like in other countries, but here in Germany you buy a burial plot for a certain amount of time, and I believe it’s usually for twenty years. After that, you – the family – can extend the time. If you don’t, the grave will be dismantled (for lack of a better word).

Because that’s what’s going to happen to my godfather’s grave site, my sister and I went to visit his grave one last time yesterday. Afterwards we strolled over the cemetery and came across this unusual headstone. Among the aged stone and marble ones stood this pillar of which we weren’t sure from afar whether it was made to look like a wooden post or whether it really was wood.

So we got closer, and it was indeed a quite simple wooden post. Simple and yet the most unusual and noticeable one. If I had to choose a headstone, it would definitely be one like this.

Wooden Headstone


2 thoughts on “Unusual Headstone

  1. That’s such an interesting headstone! I’ve never seen anything like it–here the headstones are all stone. I guess because we have so much space in the US, graves stay graves and we want headstones that last. The wooden one will probably decay and be gone in about the 20 years the grave lasts!

    • Stone is the norm here as well. I guess the stone / wooden post lasting for “just” the 20 years the grave is bought for is not such a bad idea considering that you pay a lot of money for a stone, then after the 20 years you don’t know what to do with it. Usually it automatically goes back to a contracted stonemason – who doesn’t pay anything for it…

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