Enthusiasm For Experimenting. Finally.

Today I was wondering what your typical Saturday is like. Yes, yours, the reader’s. Don’t ask me where this came from, but I did wonder.

Self with carrots 04

Mine was supposed to start out quite typical for me, with going into the city to pick up some wool I’d ordered for a knitting project. I was prepared for rain and got a pleasant surprise on getting up to see the sun out. That changed my mood as well as my outlook on the day.

Because suddenly I was thinking there might be good morning light in my living room, which turned out to be true, so instead of making coffee I got dressed and grabbed the camera. Because, you see, I had been intending to do this kind of experiment I did today since last summer when I saw a post on Helen’s blog. Only I was too lazy to fiddle with camera settings and to experiment. That’s my cross to bear, this laziness. But let’s stay positive, because I definitely overcame that today.

Self with carrots 01

I’d just bought these cute rustic looking violet mini carrots and decided to make them my photo object today, together with myself, or parts of myself. It took me 5 tries with 10 photos each using the camera timer, and I was content with this first experiment. Then when I got home I was in such a good mood that I gave it another go, this time it took me 5 tries with 5 photos each. I admit it wasn’t easy but it also wasn’t as time consuming and nerve-wracking as I had imagined, and in the end I wondered why on earth I hadn’t tried this before.

Self with carrots 02I got quite a few good results from the second round, and just as I was about to close Lightroom I decided to turn some of the pics into black & white ones [using Helen’s Portobello¬† preset]. These are the ones I liked best.

Happy weekend!

Self with carrots 03


2 thoughts on “Enthusiasm For Experimenting. Finally.

  1. Well, I’m retired from my career so everyday is pretty much Saturday for me! But, I do think it’s good to have a day that is, at least in your head, a “free” day that invites experimenting, taking chances, etc. Good for you, for taking the plunge!

    • Thanks for your comment, Kerry! I do sometimes wonder what it will be like some day to have every day to yourself, and whether after the initial joy it will become as much of routine as going to work. So I guess you thinking of Saturday as a “free” day makes sense.

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