2015 February In Pictures

When I looked at my February 2015 folder I was surprised. I could have sworn I’d taken a lot more pictures than were in the folder. Where did they go? Thinking back, I realised I did not go on a photo outing with my friend this month, that would account for fewer pictures. Something in my head insisted that I took more pictures, though.

Then I went into Lightroom, and… aha! A lot more pictures tagged February 2015. Turns out they were mostly food pics. So I’m afraid that’s what the picture collection for this month comprises most. I didn’t take the camera outside even once, but I did have fun with my food shots, doing the pseudo-selfie with the carrots, using new backgrounds/surfaces. I like the outcome, too, but still, I wish the month in pictures were more diversified.

At least now I know to pay more attention to my photo subjects next month.

How was your February?

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6 thoughts on “2015 February In Pictures

    • 😀 I agree, not in general – but even to me it looks like too many food pics for a non-food blog. Alas, it cannot be helped, so no more excuses.

  1. non-food blog? Whaaatttt? It’s a beautiful photo blog and food is beautiful and very photogenic! GREAT photos. I need to put more time into photography… and daily writing, yoga, meditation… who has time for a job. Have a great week:)

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