Friday Flowers

Pink Rununculus Macro

Hello on this unexpectedly sunny and beautiful day! The weather forecast for the last few days was wrong – luckily – and I’m hoping it’ll prove to be wrong for this weekend as well, as it says it’ll be a cold and rainy one. Just in case it proves to be correct, though, I’ll be enjoying the sunshine while it lasts.

The above picture is another variation of the pink rununculus I posted earlier this month. For some reason I’m currently excited about my macro lenses again. Could be because I’ve been seeing so much great macro photography on photoblogs lately. I was asking myself what had kept me from using mine for so long, and it might be two reasons: one being that I’m still quite enamoured with my 50mm lens, and the other that the 50 is constantly on my camera so I’m probably too lazy to put on another lens… Nevertheless, I’m planning on doing more macro photography in the coming weeks.

I’ll be meeting one of my photography friends tomorrow, and I’ll be taking the camera. Being sick for almost two weeks kept me from taking pictures this month, and I’m kind of dreading putting together “the month in pictures” for March, because so far I have about 4 pics! Time to play catch-up this weekend.

Question for you: since I started using my tripod around the house, e.g. for above picture, I noticed that when I don’t use it – even with low f/stops – my pictures are often blurry. And so I’m wondering how I ever managed to take sharp, in-focus pictures without my tripod. Is it just a matter of habit to get used to not using the tripod again? Did anyone make the same experience?

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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