2015 March In Pictures

This month I feel the flying by of the last one even more intensely. I think it’s because due to the flu I kind of missed almost two weeks, and before I knew it March was over. As I mentioned before, I also lost two precious weeks of picture-taking, so you’ll probably see from the collection below that I was kind of desperate to even get 31 pictures for this month.

I took the camera with me yesterday, thinking that on the way home from work I might find a photo opportunity. I had my eyes everywhere on the drive home but either couldn’t really see anything worth clicking or when I did it was impossible to stop along the way. So when I got home last night, I ran around like a wild chicken, my eyes all over the place, starting in the garage – the wellies – and ending at my dinner table – the salad. Considering all this, there are quite a few I like very much among this collection.

It’s the first time since I started this month in pictures series that I didn’t have enough pictures. Normally I have so many it takes me ages to decide which ones to show. It was a weird experience that I hope will not happen again – I’ll certainly never complain again that I have too many pictures…

How was March apart from all this? We’ve had great weather for almost 3 weeks, then the storms started this week with lots of rain, hurricane-force winds, hail and snow. It was more what you’d expect April to be like. Hopefully we’re past this chaotic weather now and can have sunshine for Easter.

I’ve been planning my trip to the UK this past month and have finally booked all the accommodation [which tends to take ages because I am very, very picky]. It’s not until the end of the month, though, so I’ll be enjoying my Easter vacation until then.

How was your March?

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