Friday Flowers

Hyacinth Pink Pot

Goodness, it’s 7 minutes to midnight here, so I’m in a hurry to get this Friday post done. Thing is, as it’s a holiday it felt like the weekend, and I only realised about 15 minutes ago what day it is. Then my internet connection played up so I’m cutting it fine here.

Yesterday friends called from the Black Forest saying they’d gotten caught in a snow storm, and that they were about to put snow chains on the tires. Luckily no such thing here in the city. Today was the most beautiful sunny day, and I spent all day reading, getting up every now and then to make coffee and to take pictures, like the one above. Not quite content with the shadow in the back right, but like the colour combination.

The hyacinths are remains from last week, bought at the market, and I cut down the stems today as they were getting mushy.

Hope you’ll all be enjoying the Easter holidays!


2 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. notquiteyetawriter says:

    Have a wonderful Easter! I found a special place in Naremburn called Sprout wholefood, heading out that way today! We are still in Sydney and heading to Vegas in a couple of months. black forest? Sounds like an exciting location!

    • Thank you, have a great Easter yourself! From Sydney to Vegas – doesn’t that sound like just the life… And I’m sure you have great weather, too.
      The Black Forest is great for both hiking (which I don’t do) as well as taking walks and just enjoying nature.

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