Oh, Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato
The other day I found this sweet potato in my vegetable basket, and the fact that it already sprouted shoots should tell you how long it’s been there…

I decided to see if the thing would make for a good photo subject, and the first few shots were weird. Then I decided to get out the macro lens, and it got more interesting.

The plan was to post these 5 shots as single pics, but then I decided to stack them. That way you can’t see the details in the first three much, but I like the overall result.


18 thoughts on “Oh, Sweet Potato

      • notquiteyetawriter says:

        I saw this awesome recipe where they make Le sweet potato into crisps! Meaning to try it but…talk is cheap on my end….. 😉

      • Oh I’ve seen something like that with several vegetables, like sweet potato, beetroot, carrots and turnips. But I avoid deep-frying because I just don’t like handling the oil, discarding it properly etc. Maybe I should make it a project to try it, though 🙂

      • Yeah, right… I still don’t have a single plant on my balcony this year, not even homegrown herbs. So no, I don’t think you’d find homegrown potatoes there 😀

      • There will only be plants from the garden center this year… Once I’m back from vacation beginning of May it’ll be too late to grow anything from seed. I have to say, though, that I really don’t mind that this year. It’ll be easier that way, and also if something dies it’s not as bad as when you’ve gone to all the trouble of growing it yourself 🙂

      • Enjoy your vacation 🙂 Haha, luckily my girlfriend likes gardening. I don’t bother doing that 😉

        Cheers 🙂

  1. Super cool photos, all taken from a nice angle! Coincidentally, I am working on a same project with radish and a tomato plant 🙂

    Hope you have a happy Monday, and a great week ahead 🙂

    Warm regards,

      • Still a few weeks left before the tomato’s are there..

        Thanks! I will! We have King’s Day (celebration of the King’s birthday). So lots of festivals and hang-overs 😉


  2. My sweet potato did this last October for Halloween. It’s been growing lush green leaves for me all winter and is still a stunning centerpiece studded with forsythias and daffodils :). Mine is beyond eating at this point. Your photos are lovely! My so-so photo from October will be leading my post for tomorrow – sweet potato fries 🙂 –

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