Friday Flowers


Good morning! Here’s what happened last week and what’s going to happen soon: I caught another bug (or maybe wasn’t completely cured from the flu, who knows) so nothing much happened the past week. Having said that – on top of everyhing my hayfever broke out to an extent I hadn’t experienced in many, many years. On the other hand, there’s medication for that, plus the weather was simply fantastic, so I’m not really complaining here.

Next week I’ll be travelling to the UK, visiting 4 cities in 8 days, and I’m so looking forward to that. I haven’t been to the UK since 2012, and before that trip I (stupidly…) announced here that I’d be coming back with a ton of pictures. Never happened, and I still can’t fathom why, so I’m not going to make any such announcements here this time.

The weather here is still beautiful but the forecast says as of tomorrow we should expect a cold and rainy week. All the more important to make the most of today, then.

I bought above pictured saxifraga earlier this week because this year I haven’t gotten round to grow my balcony plants from seed. This cute little pot currently sits on my coffee table and enjoys the sun as much as I do.

Happy Friday!


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