Friday Flowers

Senecio Cineraria Magenta

Hello on this sunny Friday afternoon! Had I written this post this morning, it would have been “…on this dreary and rainy Friday morning”. The weather’s changed for the better, luckily, although compared to the 28°C we had earlier this week, today brought us a measly 12°C.

Nevertheless, I have a bit of colour for you. This senecio cineraria magenta is one of 12 plants I bought last week. I wasn’t able to grow flowers or herbs from seed this year, so I made a trip to the garden center. I’ve never had one of these before, but I was immediately taken in by the colour mix.

I’m enjoying my new balcony plants, lots of time to do so as we’ve had a holiday yesterday and like most Germans I took today off to have a long weekend.

I haven’t got much planned really, except for having my camera sensor cleaned – total nuisance to edit out the dust spots in pictures – and while its being cleaned I’ll be going to the market to get some fresh supplies in. I need to get cracking in the kitchen to have something to post on my food blogs.

What’s the weather like where you are, and what are your plans?

Happy weekend!


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