England Trip 2015

So I’m back from my eight day trip to England, staying in four different places for two days each. I had managed to snag a good priced flight during my Christmas vacation while I was really just browsing the airline’s page on a whim. But when I saw the prices I just booked a flight. And I would be leaving on my birthday – what better way to escape any celebrations that were expected of me 🙂

It really did feel like it was my birthday because I both left and arrived in sunshine, departure as well as arrival were on time, the plane looked almost brand new, and I had a row of three seats all to myself. There’s hardly a more pleasant way to travel, I would say. To top it all, I was informed on arrival at my London hotel that I’d been upgraded to an apartment suite.

So I strolled around London for 1½ days, where I was supposed to meet fellow blogger Laura for a coffee, but alas… technology kept us apart through non-delivered emails and lack of reception. I didn’t see as much of London as I’d wanted to but then again, 1½ days is not a lot of time.

Next I went on to Somerset to stay with a friend. I visited Bath for a day but sadly wasn’t in a photo-taking mood and felt completely uninspired.

On the way to my next destination – Brighton – I stopped in Lyme Regis which I had read about in a novel and found to be a lovely little town, albeit extremely crowded as it was a Sunday.  The main attraction there to me was the sea. It doesn’t even have to be sunny, just the proximity of water makes me happy.

Which meant I was reaaally happy to get to Brighton, where my B&B was facing the seafront. I spent 1½ days walking around, hanging out by the water, and taking slightly more pictures than in Bath. I wasn’t worried about the photo outcome anymore, though, I just enjoyed being there.

Next stop was Reading to drop off the rental car and do some shopping and relaxing for another 1½ days. I enjoyed that as well, and I knew from a previous visit that the town had changed quite a bit from when I used to live there. It was still nice to see it all again.

All in all, it was a very pleasant trip what with staying in very nice accommodation and being away from home, even though the photo yield was quite meager. Here’s a selection of what I’ve seen.

These pictures are not at all what I thought I’d be bringing back, actually. I had planned on landscapes, city scapes and details. What I came back with was lots of buildings.

I love the style in which houses are built in the UK, especially the bricks, which is so completely different from anything you see here in Germany, so you might see quite an inordinate amount of pictures in this collection that look like any old boring house to you but are fascinating to me 🙂

Click any picture to start the gallery

10 thoughts on “England Trip 2015

  1. Sounds, and looks, like a very nice getaway. I recently read a book about that Lyme Regis area, too–Remarkable Creatures. It makes me want to visit there! Did you see fossils in the stones at the beach?

    • I didn’t see fossils at the beach, but there was a huge tent right at the beach that held a fossil exhibition inside that I walked through. They had lots of scientific info as well as stuff for kids to learn about fossils inside.

  2. Oh wow! Lovely collection! I too am just back from a weeks trip to England and Wales 😀 I too didn’t feel like taking so many photos even though a lugged my old camera around all the time. I did snag some photos with my phone and will try to put it together as a gallery 🙂

  3. oh Kiki you’ve captured the essence of your diverse English spots with an eye for the right angle and interest of detail – also you seem to have done something intriguing with the colour
    p.s. I do so regret our missing one another – next time we will just arrange to meet at a given spot and turn up without reliance on mobiles or email 😉

    • Thank you so much, Laura! As for a next meeting – I hope there’ll be one 🙂 I’ve already said that I really should have one whole day to spend in every borough of London, otherwise I’ll never get to see much!

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