Friday Flowers

 Garden FlowersHello and Happy Friday!

After reading this Daily Post article last week, where I saw myself and my photographic behaviour in most everything described, I started thinking back to the beginnings of my photography hobby. I used my macro lens a lot, especially for flower pictures.

As it happens, I have recently started using the macro lens again, probably due to buying lots of balcony plants that are too beautiful close up not to take pictures of. You’ll very likely see them here at some point.

The above bunch of flowers – sold as garden flowers at the Saturday market last week and making me wish for a garden to grow such flowers in – were shot with a friend’s 18-200 mm lens that I’ve been using for a week now.

I wanted to try this lens mainly for food shots as I’d read a food photography book where an 18-200 mm lens was used throughout the book, but then decided to use it on the flowers as well. I’m quite sure I will be the owner of an 18-200 mm lens soon 🙂 .

For this weekend I’ve promised myself I would go out, walk along the fields where I live, and use the 18-200 again. I’m even thinking of taking the tripod but making no promises to myself about that.

What are your plans for the weekend?


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