2015 May In Pictures

So here we are again, at the end of yet another month. Apart from my vacation and a few bank holidays, which got us long weekends, May brought us very mixed weather, from 28°C to 12°C, the whole spectrum of sun, wind and rain all in one day, and massive bouts of hay fever as everything (that I was allergic to) seemed to be blooming at once.

On the other hand, all the blooming made for great pictures. As you can see, this month’s gallery is finally one that has more flower than food pics. Photography-wise, I’ve been trying out a friend’s 18-200 mm lens (which I’ll be using for a bit longer), and I’ve also made a point of using my 105 mm macro lens again, especially on the flowers.

No photo outings this month, and I haven’t taken the camera outside even once (apart from when I was on vacation). I’m hoping to rectify that next month…

So, nothing spectacular’s been happening here but, thankfully, nothing to complain about either.

How was May for you?

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8 thoughts on “2015 May In Pictures

  1. Lovely! I still haven’t managed to do one of these ‘month in pictures’ posts 😀 It’s been one crazy month! Maybe June? Love the macro with flowers 🙂

    • Thank you, Kerry! The end of this month surprised me, too… For some reason I hadn’t realised the month would neatly end on a Sunday and the next start on a Monday – so I got cracking yesterday putting my pictures together.

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