Friday Flowers

Small Pink Peony June 15

Remember last week’s garden flowers that I’d bought at the market? When I was about to chuck them out after a week, I saw that while everything else had withered, the three peonies hadn’t even opened yet. So I thought I’d give it a try, cut them short and put them in a little vase.

The same night I kept smelling something nice but couldn’t figure out what it was. Then my eyes went to the peonies, and not only did they give off a heavenly smell, but within hours they had opened fully and were such a beautiful sight.

I’m hoping to get more nice flowers at our Friday market later this afternoon. I’m on day two of a long weekend, due to yesterday being a holiday. The plan is to take three bags of dishes that I hardly ever used and were left over from my decluttering project to a charity shop. Then I’ll meet the family at the ice cream parlour and do some food shopping at the market.

Have I mentioned we’ve been having about 28°C since Tuesday? At the moment I’m still having the living room blinds shut to keep the heat out, even if it does seem a shame. This afternoon, though, when the sun will have wandered to the back of the house, you’ll find me on the balcony, probably doing some more planting and definitely having my feet up and a cup of coffee next to me at some point.

Hope you’re enjoying the same kind of beautiful summery weather – at least if you’re in the Northern hemisphere.

Happy Friday, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

    • Thank you, Laura! Yes, the ice cream was a great treat today 🙂 And it’s good to hear the weather’s turned good where you are!

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