Twelve Versions

After I posted last week’s Friday flowers, Laura asked whether I’d be showing the other 12 versions I mentioned in the post. I had actually been considering it but couldn’t think of a way to show them that wasn’t boring. So Laura suggested a slideshow adding music (which can’t be done here in Germany for complicated legal music rights reasons) or a poem to go with it.

I’m sure Laura meant an existing poem by someone who knows what they’re doing – and in hindsight I should have asked Laura herself to write one as she is very, very apt with words. However, the moment I read the word poem, words popped into my head. And so I present you today this totally tacky and terrible poem to go with my flower slideshow 😀

Little flowers in a vase made of glass with a stripe of grey. Hey – look at me! Twelve versions you can see. Tell me which you like best, which one is better than the rest.

Some of the pictures different from the others in little nuances only, not too obvious but hopefully visible to you.

Click any pic to open gallery

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