Friday Flowers

FF - Hydrangea + Calendula 01

Happy Friday everyone! We’re having a lovely one here, very sunny and warm, with expected temperatures of up to 35°C these next days. I don’t really need temperatures that high, but I’m certainly not going to complain.

This week I went to a lovely little flower shop where my friend lives; when you go in you don’t always see their little treasures at first glance. You look around and every time your eyes move, you discover something new. My intention was to buy a plant or two and a bunch of flowers. I was eying the little bouquets they had made when my eye fell on this huge white hydrangea blossom. I knew right away I wanted that, paired with something else but not some fussy arrangement.

FF - Hydrangea + Calendula 03

Then I saw the orange calendula – which to be honest I’d never seen “live” before, I’m only used to seeing calendula hand lotion at the drugstore – and asked the lady at the shop to just put them to one side of the hydrangea. With a little spiky greenery wrapped around, this made for a lovely and very stylish show piece.

The amazing thing was that when she told me the price for everything I’d selected, it was about a third of what I’d have paid here in the city.

Now I’m enjoying these beautiful flowers sitting on my coffee table (the flowers, not me – just to clarify 😉 ), and I’m looking forward to a sunny & relaxed weekend.

Hope you’ll have a great weekend,too, and see you here next week!

FF - Hydrangea + Calendula 02


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