Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

WPC - Muse

I haven’t participated in the Weekly Photo Challenge for a while, although I did want to. I just didn’t want to have to think about it too much or – God beware 😉 – have to go outside to shoot.

This week’s challenge, though, is Muse and same as the author of the post, I keep going back to the subject again and again, namely that of cosmea flowers. Only the other day I thought: I wonder if I can post another cosmea. Maybe not, people will get fed up with them.

So seeing the challenge and immediately thinking of cosmea is my justification today. I happened to have plucked some blooms off the plant yesterday as they’d had their days in the sun and were destined for the bin just as the latest challenge popped up in my reader.

I love shooting cosmea flowers in all states of growth, bloom, or – as in the above picture – decay. Just throw them (literally, sometimes) on an interesting surface, maybe even focus somewhere unexpected, and suddenly you almost feel like you’ve created art.



4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

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