2015 June In Pictures

*Sigh* At the risk of repeating myself: where did the month go?! And why did I not go outside to take pictures? The only time I did was in my friend’s garden. After a party I was the first one up the next morning and sneaked out early to take pictures of the plants and the raindrops clinging to them. Other than that, no photo outings with my friend, and somehow I couldn’t bring up the energy to go anywhere by myself. But as every month, my intention is to change that for next month.

All in all, June was quite pleasant. We were graced with more good weather than rain – actually summer has well and truly arrived this week with temperatures over 30°C -, my friend and I have taken up jogging again, meeting in the forest at 7 am twice a week, before work; I’ve had friends over for dinner – long overdue; the decluttering of my home is done; I booked my summer vacation; I can enjoy my balcony after finally having done some planting; I had the best pulled pork ever at my friend’s party, and I’ve had marshmallows on a stick for the first time. Re-reading this, it actually sounds more than pleasant.

How was your June?

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4 thoughts on “2015 June In Pictures

  1. lavanyaprakash says:

    So glad I stumbled on your blog! You have some gorgeous pictures. I love your gallery on this post.. My favorite picture has to be that little spider, what a cute fella 🙂 Would love if you could check out my blog too!

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