Ingredients {Baby Artichoke}

Ingredients - Baby Artichoke ort port

This past weekend we had almost 40°C, and although I’ll take hot weather over bad weather anytime, it was a bit too much for me. For the most part of Saturday I kept the shutters closed to keep the house cool but then gave up as I couldn’t bear to sit in half-darkness and read, because there wasn’t much else you could do that didn’t include moving. You finally have great weather and are confined – or confine yourself – to the inside because it’s too hot outside, I felt that was awful.

We don’t have shutters in the back of the house, though, and I suddenly realised that the light in the kitchen was good for taking pictures. So I got out my various surfaces and fruit & veg purchases from the market and got shooting. It was really too hot to even take pictures but I had so much fun doing it.

Last year I was rambling here about how I felt restricted by food photography and that I didn’t want it to be my niche, which turned into a good discussion with Tiina who suggested ingredients as a photo subject. It wasn’t until I bought some baby artichokes at the market two weeks ago – purely for taking pictures because they looked beautiful – that I remembered Tiina’s suggestion.

I’d like to do a series of posts with those pics I took this weekend but couldn’t come up with a post / theme name so I’m going to just call it Ingredients.

A lot of you probably come here for flower pics, but I hope you’ll stick around for this food series as well!


2 thoughts on “Ingredients {Baby Artichoke}

  1. I hate it when it gets that hot out! I’d honestly rather be too cold than too hot. I like the idea of turning ingredients into art in your photos!

    • I agree, Kerry – too cold is better as you can put an unlimited amount of clothes on and cover yourself in blankets; too hot… and there’s a point when you just can’t take off any more clothes and stay decent 🙂
      And thanks re: photos – never sure people want to see food on here.

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