Friday Flowers

Pastel Dahlias

Happy Friday, everyone! After last weekend’s almost 40°C we’re apparently in for another summery weekend with up to 35°C. This time I’m intent on venturing outside with the camera instead of hiding out in the shade and cool of the house.

I’ll be attending a family birthday this afternoon and a family lunch on Sunday, but other than that I have no real plans apart from taking lots of pictures, wherever that may be. I might just get in the car and see where I end up – at least the car’s got air conditioning.

Speaking of pictures, the above dahlias are currently sitting on my balcony, blooming like mad. My dad’s been fertilizing everything in his garden with coffee grounds, and as I drink a lot of coffee, I’ve been collecting the grounds for a couple of weeks for my own purposes. The sticker on the dahlias said they need to be fertilised regularly, so when I planted them I added the coffee grounds straight away. As you can see, the plant has lots of blooms, but as I have no comparison, I don’t really know if that’s due to the coffee grounds fertiliser.

As for the colour of the dahlias, unfortunately they are not as beautifully pastel as in the picture – they’re a mix of vibrant lilac and purple hues. I used one of the presets I mentioned in yesterday’s post, and I have to say I wouldn’t mind having such pastel coloured dahlias on my balcony. Maybe adding something else apart from coffee grounds will turn them pastel 🙂 .

Have a good weekend!


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