Friday Flowers

Sunflower Bunch

I bought these sunflowers at the market last week. Sadly they started hanging their heads a day later as they were too heavy. I decided to cut the stems very short and put each one in a bottle vase instead, which made it better. I managed to take a pic, though, before they started their downward spiral.

I had a day off today, went to the DIY store and to my favourite supermarket, which is half an hour’s drive away but worth the journey. This was followed by a trip to our Friday market, and then it was off to the balcony with a cool drink – or rather lots of them because it’s another scorcher today with 34°C – and a book.

I wasn’t all lazy, though; I managed to take some pictures for the ingredients series using my market spoils as subjects.

Tomorrow I’ll meet a friend in the city for breakfast and shopping; she’s on a home visit from Dubai, and we haven’t seen each other since the US trip we took together last year. There’s a lot going on in the city this week, including the Hamburg fish market – as a self-proclaimed fish hater I need to put in a big YUCK here and say I will not even walk past that – and a cultural festival with street music. Will definitely take the camera and hopefully bring home some pics.

Have a great weekend!


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