Friday Flowers

Sunflower Field

I’m a bit late today with the Friday flowers, that’s because I had a busy day. For once I was able to sleep in without being woken up by some hubbub out in the streets. I did all the chores in the morning, then chilled on the balcony for a bit until my sister arrived.

I had two balcony chairs that were destined for the dump but then suddenly I thought I could just paint them white and they’d be as good as new. They needed to be disassembled first and sanded, though; painting itself is something I don’t enjoy at all but add sanding… gaaaaah! This is where my sister comes in, she’s a DIY guru. She could tell that after about 15 minutes I would have liked to give up but I kept going. And the end result was well worth it.

We then took a walk to the square to get some ice cream; I was pleasantly surprised because the square used to be a place where old ladies sit on benches on one side, and the benches on the other side used to be taken up by drunks. There was only one bench that had dubious characters with beer bottles, the rest was taken up by a mix of said old ladies and families with young children. The little ones were playing in the fountain and it was a joy watching them.

After that we drove out to some fields where my sister said I might want to take some pictures. Unfortunately all the wheat had been cut down, but there were still enough other interesting things around, like the sunflowers you see above.

So I had a really nice day and hope it’ll be the same tomorrow when I’ll finally meet my friend again to go on a photo outing.

Happy weekend!


4 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. after the satisfaction of your chair re-vamp (I love painting/hate sanding) the joyful day shines through these Helianthus – happy end of July.
    p.s. Its blue moon day today and the start of the shooting star season

    • Oh, thanks for the reminder – I’ve missed shooting star season before and would probably would have this year as well. Eyes peeled now!

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