Friday Flowers

FF Rose Bouquet

I received this beautiful little bouquet of roses last Saturday as a hostess gift from my friends at my Italian dinner. They’re still on the dining table – the roses, not the friends – and look like they’ll keep for a couple more days.

I’ve been busy today, I went to the city to have one of my lenses checked at the camera shop, then went to check out an installation along our main shopping street. It’s in honour of the German reunification of 1990, and it’s a fun installation, so I took some pics but haven’t downloaded them yet. If they’re any good you’ll get to see them here soon.

Food shopping’s done for the weekend, and I’ve been spending my afternoon on the balcony. I’m sure if I were to read through all my Friday Flower posts, it would seem like all I ever do is take Fridays off and hang out on the balcony. Guess I’m just happy we’re having such a fantastic summer, and that after a week of not so great weather the temperatures are on the rise again.

I’ll be making cinnamon rolls later today in expectation of a visit from friends tomorrow. They’re traveling down from Hamburg to visit their families and will stop by for coffee and cake along the way.

Apart from that I think it’ll just be cooking, blogging and chilling.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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