Friday Flowers

Mixed Lilac Flowers

This last Wednesday my friend and I met with a Drink & Click photography group; they meet once a month (and to my knowledge this is a worldwide thing, not just local), having been given a photography subject, and they stop along the way in several locations to have a drink.

This month’s subject was Framed, which as you can see has nothing to do with my flower pic, but the meeting point was a local park, and I found the above flowers there. The terrain was slightly uphill, and the setting sun illuminated the flowers, all in shades of lilac in this particular space, and the view of those alone made me glad I had joined the group that day.

I’ll definitely be going back to that park, it’s absolutely beautiful; I’ve only been there once before with my camera, about 3 years ago and it was winter, and I don’t know why I haven’t gone back. There’s so much to see and take pictures of, and my impression was there’ll be something beautiful there in every season.

I’ve never purposely gone out to take pictures at 6:30 pm, so this was a new experience. I didn’t pay too much attention to light settings, I just went on gut feeling. A lot of the pics I took turned out well, and I’m sure you’ll be seeing them here at some point.

Busy weekend ahead for me – I had today off again (is it getting boring yet for you to read that sentence every week?! 😀 ), went into town to get some gifts, tomorrow I’m invited to a house party, and the hours that aren’t filled with fun commitments will be spent in the kitchen; I’ve discovered that I’m not too bad at making macarons, so I’ll be trying out several flavours over the weekend.

Hope you’ve all got something nice planned as well. Happy Friday!


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