2015 August In Pictures

Here we are again, at the end of yet another month. It was a fantastically hot summer month, and at times I felt like I actually lived on my balcony. Get home from work, water balcony plants, unfold deck chair while coffee’s brewing in the kitchen, put on sunglasses, switch on e-reader – ready to chill and enjoy the warm evening; that’s what most of August was about for me, so really nothing to complain about.

Unlike the previous months, I actually went out with a friend to take pictures, so no shortage this month and no need to desperately scrape together enough pics for this monthly post.

One complaint I do have is that my 60 mm macro lens is playing up, so I need to have that looked at. Also, I feel ready to buy another lens but don’t really know what – do I just want a new lens or do I need a new lens? I was considering buying a circular fisheye lensbaby (definitely in the want category) but couldn’t make up my mind. Or would it make more sense to buy an 18-200 mm lens (in the might need category)? Guess I’ll have to think about the want/need aspect more closely.

Now I’m looking forward to September as I have two weeks vacation planned.

How was your August?

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