Beauty In Decay

Beauty In Decay – A Preview Post

Remember the fringed gerbera I posted last month? Those delicate things didn’t keep for long as the woman at the flower stall insisted they didn’t need florist’s wire to stay upright. Two days later they hung their heads, as you can see below. So I cut them fairly short and put them in votive candle holders.

From that point on the summer heat wave did its best to send them on their way to their decline. At some point I realised I hadn’t looked at them for a few days, and oh my… you wouldn’t have recognised the things. Each of their parts was unrecognisable, but not in a bad way. My first thought was Beauty In Decay, so I spread the parts out on a white wooden surface as best I could, because it all fell apart in my hands.

It was the most beautiful mess of flower remains I’ve ever seen, from colourful pieces to ethereal. I tried to capture every single part, so I’ll be posting each one separately over the next few weeks.

Decay - Fringed Gerbera 01


3 thoughts on “Beauty In Decay – A Preview Post

  1. We had some flowers too that died quickly, but cutting the living ones short and putting them in small vase helped a bit (my girlfriend did that, as I don’t pay attentions to flowers in my house).

    I have to compliment you on your English. A bit weird maybe, however you write like a native speaker!


    • Why am I not surprised it’s your girlfriend in charge of flowers and not you!? 😛
      Thank you re: English, I’ve been speaking it almost all my life, have a tranlator’s degree, and one of my friends calls me her “walking talking dictionary” *lol*

      • You’d think a photographer would pay attention to flowers, but just like animals: I love them outdoors, don’t care for them indoors.

        Aha that explains your correct grammar and choice of words! Having a walking dictionary is useful!


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