A Quick Hello

AR Jr Bridge

I spent the last week in Charleston, South Carolina, attending a food photography workshop. While the workshop was simply great, the people there made it even greater. I met people I seemed to click with (and I don’t mean click in the photography sense here) right away, and I really hadn’t expected that because I’m not that outgoing a person.

Last weekend I traveled on to Boston and am now staying with friends. One friend took me on a photo trip to Boston on Sunday where I tried my hand for the first time ever at blue hour and night time photography. It was a little frustrating to feel like I knew nothing at all about photography – at least this kind – and had to consult with my friend constantly to help me out with settings etc.

While I had the chance to explore the area I’m currently staying in, sadly I zoned out in front of the TV, sleeping most of yesterday in the armchair with my feet up. Don’t know how this happened, but it seems my body needed that. What makes it worse, though, is that the weather forecast last night said to expect heavy rainfall, storms and flooding. The rain started last night, and here I am yet again in the comfy chair. I hope I’ll at least get some clothes shopping in…

At least I can keep busy with editing my pictures from this trip so far, and if I don’t sleep again all day tomorrow, I might be able to put together the month in pictures from here. See you soon!

Boston Blue Hour 05


11 thoughts on “A Quick Hello

  1. Wonderful! It is the best feeling when you find likeminded people like that πŸ™‚ Where did you find out about this workshop? Did you go by yourself or with a friend? I cannot wait to hear more and see your photos.

  2. Hi Kiki your Boston night shot turned out fabulous! I am a “new” photographer as I just purchased my first DSLR. I have to admit I’m overwhelmed and scared to use it but I just have to get out there! Your photos are beautiful πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much, Deb! While taking those pics I was convinced they’d turn out rubbish but after downloading I was quite content, especially as this was my very first try.

      Don’t be overwhelmed by your camera! You have to look at it as something that will bring you joy and lets you be creative! For me the best thing was that the friend who told me to go DSLR insisted I shoot in manual mode from the very beginning, and I’ve only used non-manual once for a selfie. I hope you’ll have fun discovering your camera and the things you can do with it!

      • I tried shooting in manual today and got a little frustrated so I decided to use the setting where I pick the aperture and the camera adjusts the shutter speed just to start to get used to all the buttons, etc. on my camera. But my goal is to go all manual as well!

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