2015 September In Pictures

Here we are at the beginning of another month. I have to say as much as I loved our extremely hot summer, I’ll be equally happy to turn on the heating and snuggle up on the couch once I get home from my vacation.

With regards to September, I was a little disappointed with how it went. The weather left a lot to wish for, the constant turn of temperature from warm to cold and back again wasn’t what I had expected. Also, I felt like I spent the first two weeks of September in a kind of limbo just waiting for my first day of vacation to arrive, which means I didn’t really live those first weeks, if you know what I mean.

I did thoroughly enjoy the first week of my vacation, though, in the subtropical climate of Charleston, SC. I’m currently enjoying the second week near Boston, even though the weather is very mixed and a bit on the cold side.

All in all, a quite eventful month and definitely one I won’t forget quickly. How was your September?


5 thoughts on “2015 September In Pictures

    • It was a very good month for photo opportunities due to my vacation. Hope that October at home in Germany will bring the red leaves I was hoping for over here in New England.

  1. The weather in September wasn’t as what we in Dutch call “to write home about”. A bit strange. The whole summer the weather hasn’t been that good. Although most people would disagree. It was okay I guess, but I need a heat stroke of a couple weeks to really call it summer 😉

    I have been thinking about stealing your idea, I love your monthly pictures! Good to read that your trip to the States is good! Even though the weather is a bit mixed up, I am glad you became sick last month and not this week 🙂 – although being sick isn’t great at all.

    Enjoy your trip!

    All the best,

    • Oh you should have come to Germany for the summer, you would have gotten your heat stroke 😉

      I wouldn’t see it as stealing my idea if you did a month in pictures – it would be adapting the concept for your own purpose 🙂
      My trip was really, really good, and I’m also happy I got sick before and not during the trip. Everything seemed to be going unusually well, from having a whole row of seats to myself on both longhaul flights to the flights arriving on time; my workshop was fantastic, too, and I was waiting for reality to set in because I’m not used to everything going so smoothly 😀
      Now I’m back home and have finally gotten rid of the jet lag yesterday. All back to normal!

      Have a great week,

      • Oh really? Had a heatstroke in S.? Love it!

        I am not sure if doing “a month in photographs” is a great idea for me currently, as I shoot one subject (landscape) multiple times while your photos have varying subjects. Would be good for me to bring my camera more often and shoot different subjects.

        Good to read that your trip was good and everything went according plan 🙂 Good luck adjusting to normal live again and have a great week yourself!


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