2015 October In Pictures

😳 This is a little embarrassing… I knew I hadn’t taken that many pictures in October, but I hadn’t realised I’d taken so few either. Skipping this monthly review wasn’t an option for me, though, so this October gallery consists mainly of pumpkins, foliage and food. And no worries – I’ve made a mental note about my picture taking discipline for this month, so hopefully something like that won’t happen again…

How was October? I have to honestly say that I can’t remember much; maybe because I haven’t been anywhere apart from the pumpkin festival and a Halloween party. I spent a lot of time inside, especially as the weekend weather wasn’t really inviting enough to go outside through most of October. The foliage I saw on the way to and from work was beautiful, though, but I either didn’t have my camera with me or left work when it was already dark, so no pictures.

The Halloween party I went to on Saturday was super. I was dressed as the zombie tooth fairy and had lots of fun. On parking my car I saw my friend was already waiting there for me in his monk outfit wearing a horror mask, a zombie walking up to him; a ninja sneaked past and I waited for him to skedaddle before leaving the car. I kept an eye on the monk and the zombie so they wouldn’t be able to scare me once I left the car, when I heard a knock on the driver’s side window. I looked, saw the ninja and SCREAMED, throwing myself sideways onto the passenger seat in the process. Then I was laughing my head off and the rest of the scary figures outside couldn’t keep their scary faces anymore either 🙂 . Great start to a great party.

So, welcome to the month in pumpkins!




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