(Not Really) Friday Flowers

Flying Leaves 02

Although I did buy flowers at the market today, by the time I got home and assembled what I had bought in two vases it was too dark to take pictures. So I decided to go with one of the pictures I took earlier in the day.

Around lunch time I decided to revisit the park I went to in August with a photography group. It was a beautiful day with a blue sky. On entering the park I tried to shake off all negativity that was hanging around me like a dark cloud, and it worked pretty fast on seeing the colours and beauty around me.

I started taking pictures and saw a few leaves falling, not even attempting to catch them on camera, though, because I thought it wouldn’t work. It would need way more leaves, like someone shaking the tree, to make a real go of it.

And what do you know!? Suddenly a gust of wind blew through the trees around me, and it felt and looked like someone was indeed shaking trees – I felt like a child at the fairground, looking up, my finger on the shutter release, clicking constantly.

After this enjoyable trip I met my mother at the Friday market, then we went to have our last ice cream for this year at the Italian ice cream parlour which closes its doors in a few days until spring.

I hope you had an equally enjoyable day. Happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “(Not Really) Friday Flowers

    • Thanks! I still can’t believe it actually happened… It felt like I was in a witchy movie where I’d just made a wish and then suddenly, eerily, the wind came up. Would have been even better if on downloading I’d detected a witch on a broom among the leaves 😀
      And a definite YES on the last ice cream!

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