The Tower At Killesberg Park {Stuttgart}

Killesburg Turm 04

After my visit to a local park – Höhenpark Killesberg – last Friday, I realised I’d taken more pictures of the tower there than intended. This actually made me look up the history of the tower for the first time, and here is what I found out:

  • Opened 2001
  • Built on the highest spot in the park
  • The steel net construction is still considered bold today
  • Owned by an association that has taken up the cause of improving the city scape
  • 42 m high
  • 4 platforms
  • 2 contra-rotating staircases
  • 348 steps
  • The association was able to build and finance the tower through sponsorships – each step has been sponsored by local people and carries a small plaque with the sponsor’s name. The idea was to secure 40 % of the building costs through this initiative; the price of a single step was 1,800 DM, and after 1 year 150 steps had been sponsored. For the remaining steps sponsors had already been found during the building phase, which means there’s not a step to be found without a sponsor’s plaque.
  • The tower has received 3 awards: for “good building”, “exemplary building” and a prize awarded by the German architects association of Baden-Württemberg
  • This is the second tower for this park; the original one was planned in 1939 and was finally built and donated by an elevator company in 1950 as a glass and steel construction; hence, the way to the top was not by stairs but by elevator. The tower was torn down in 1974 for being both dilapidated as well as being considered unsightly.
  • Needless to say, you can see far across the city.
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